Drawing upon the collective talents of its membership, LAASA seeks to publish, perform, record, and promote solo vocal music by Latin American composers.

Musicians, musician-scholars, and music appreciators are all encouraged to become a part of this burgeoning movement to research, publish, perform, and enjoy art song from Latin America’s 41 diverse countries. Our membership extends from newcomers to the genre, music-lovers and collaborative pianists to scholars and vocalists who have dedicated much of their professional lives to the repertoire.

As an Active Member of LAASA, you will have unlimited access to the LAASA network of composers, performers, and scholars worldwide who are interested in promoting this repertoire. Via our Facebook Group, you will receive news of recitals, new scholarly publications, and be the first to know about recordings of Latin American vocal music. If you desire to study the repertoire to any degree, you will greatly benefit from the experience of others who have firsthand knowledge of the composers from a variety of Latin American countries. Your patronage of this organization will directly impact the quantity and quality of Latin American art song available to the public in years to come.

LAASA 1-year Membership
Membership good for 12 months after date of purchase.
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LAASA 2-year Membership
Membership good for 24 months after date of purchase.
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LAASA 3-year Membership
Membership good for 36 months after date of purchase.
Price: $39.00 US

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