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  La Canción Artística en América Latina: Antología Crítica y Guía Interpretativa Para Cantantes (Sheet Music)

Price: $80.00 US
The Latin American Art Song: A Critical Anthology and Interpretive Guide for Singers, the most comprehensive anthology of Latin American Art Song on the market today. Edited by Colombian soprano Patricia Caicedo, the 158-page volume comes complete with translations of the Spanish and Portuguese texts, phonetic transcriptions, and performance notes in Spanish and English. Includes works by Juan Pedro Esnaola (Argentina), Gilardo Gilardi (Argentina), Yvette Souviron (Argentina), Agustín Fernández Sánchez (Bolivia), Alberto Nepomuceno (Brazil), Osvaldo Lacerda (Brazil), Luís Antonio Calvo (Colombia), Jaime León (Colombia), Eduardo Sánchez de Fuentes (Cuba), Gisela Hernández (Cuba), Pedro Humberto Allende (Chile), Theodoro Valcárcel (Peru), Edgar Valcárcel (Peru), Rafael Aponte-Ledée (Puerto Rico), Carlos Vázquez (Puerto Rico), Alfonso Broqua (Uruguay), Félix Eduardo Fabini (Uruguay), Juan Bautista Plaza (Venezuela), Anonio Estévez (Venezuela), and Modesta Bor (Venezuela). See complete song listing here.



The Art Song in Latin America: Selected Works by Twentieth-Century Composers (Sheet Music)

Price: $40.00 US
The Art Song in Latin America, a pioneering anthology edited by Kathleen L. Wilson with IPA and diction sections by Arden Hopkin, includes works by Carlos Guastavino (Argentina), Juan Orrego-Salas (Chile), Luis Carlos Figueroa (Colombia), Jaime León (Colombia), Jacqueline Nova (Colombia), Gustavo Yepes (Colombia), Orlando Jacinto Garca (Cuba), Alejandro Garca Caturla (Cuba), Gerardo Guevara (Ecuador), Salvador Ley (Guatemala), Carlos Chávez (Mexico), Manuel M. Ponce (Mexico), Silvestre Revueltas (Mexico), Ernesto Cordero (Puerto Rico), German Cáceres (El Salvador), Félix Eduardo Fabini (Uruguay), and Juan Bautista Plaza (Venezuela). See complete song listing here.



Argentine Songs: Volume I (CD)

Price: $20.00 US
With 28 different songs, several of which capitalize on the vitality of Argentine folk dance rhythms, Argentine Songs: Volume I may very well be the most vibrant collection of Argentine song on the market today. Argentine baritone Víctor Torres and pianist Jorge Ugartemendía leave the listener with an excellent starting place for understanding the folk music arranging and text-setting conventions of composers Julián Aguirre, Ana Carrique, Luis Gianneo, Gilardo Gilardi, Alberto Ginastera, Carlos López Buchardo, Julio Perceval, and Alberto Williams. Brought to you direct from the distributor in Buenos Aires and available exclusively through LAASA, begin your study of Argentine song here and you will not be dissapointed.

Canciones Argentinas (CD)

Price: $15.00 US
In Canciones Argentinas, baritone Víctor Torres and pianist Jorge Ugartemendía bring us a second collection of Argentine art song, every bit as varied and interesting as the first. Top billing is given to Carlos López-Buchardo with a total of eight songs, clear evidence of Torres’ personal preference and afinity for the composer. But we also hear songs by Pascual Quaratino, Floro M. Ugarte, Héctor Iglesias Villoud, Felipe Boero, Josué T. Wilkes, and Victor Montagne, many of which, again, are recorded for the first time.

  Canciones argentinas (CD)

Price: $15.00 US
Another Canciones argentinas, released in 2007, features soprano Linda Teasley’s interpretation of many of the most-beloved songs by Argentine composers, including Alberto Ginastera, Alberto Williams, Carlos López-Buchardo, Abraham Jurafsky, Julio Perceval, and Carlos Guastavino. Carlos César Rodríguez’s accompaniments are especially effortless-sounding and accompanists looking to work in this repertoire would do well to listen to his approach.

  Romanticismo Musical en el Río de la Plata: The Songs of Juan Pedro Esnaola (CD)

Price: $30.00 US
A rare and special find, the wonderful new label of Tradition gives us Musical Romanticism in the Rio de la Plata: the first and only recording of songs by nineteenth century Argentine composer Juan Pedro Esnaola (1808-1878). Based on the poetry of Argentine poet Esteban Echeverría, this historic recording was made by Spanish soprano Elena Jáuregui and Argentine pianist Noberto Broggini in 2005 on Esnaola’s original pianoforte from ca. 1850.

Canções de Amor e Prelúdios (CD)

Price: $20.00 US
Canções de Amor e Prelúdios (Songs of Love and Piano Preludes) by Brazilian composer Claudio Santoro (1919-1989) includes 13 songs from a psuedo-cycle of poems by Brazilian poet Vinícius de Moraes (see the August Spotlight for more information). Brazilian baritone José Hue and pianist Heitor Alimonda achieve a striking balance between the classical and the popular elements of the text and music– an exemplary interpretation worthy of serious study. Brought to you direct from the distributor in Brazil and available exclusively through LAASA, this album is especially recommended for all lovers of Moraes’ beautiful and melancholic poetry. The piano preludes by Santoro are equally exquisite.

Lied: Art Songs of Latin America (CD)

Price: $15.00 US
Lied: Art Songs of Latin America, performed by soprano Patricia Caicedo is a compilation of 25 Latin American art songs by composers Alberto Ginastera, Carlos Guastavino, Antonio Estevez, Jayme Ovalle, Jaime León, Manuel Ponce, Pedro Morales Pino, Luis A. Clavo and Spanish composer Ferran Obradors, some of them recorded for the first time. A lovely introduction to the complexities of Latin American sensitivities and musical expression, these are songs of extraordinary beauty with texts taken from the giants of Latin American poetry and letters. The sweetness and understanding with which Caicedo interprets this repertoire and the quality of the works themselves make this CD a must-have for everyone interested in expanding their musical horizons to include what has been, until now, a relatively undiscovered but vitally important and musically satisfying genre. She is accompanied by pianist Pau Casan. See complete song listing here.

  To My Native City: Art Songs of Latin America Vol. 2 (CD)

Price: $15.00 US
To My Native City, is soprano Patricia Caicedo’s second recording project devoted to the Latin American Art Song. Thirteen of the twenty-eight songs are recorded here for the first time. Composers include Jaime León, José María Tena, Adolfo Majía, Claudio Santoro, Osvaldo Lacerda, Francisco Mignone, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Carlos Guastavino, Julio Perceval, Ariel Ramírez, Theodoro Valcárcel, Juan B. Plaza, Eduardo Caba, Manuel M. Ponce, and Nilo Meléndez. She is accompanied by pianist Eugenia Gassull. See complete song listing here.

Anhelo: Argentinian Songs (CD)

Price: $15.00 US
Anhelo: Argentinian Songs, performed by the Argentine tenor José Cura, contains the settings of 17 songs by Carlos Guastavino, Julián Aguirre, Alberto Muzzio, Alberto Ginastera, Ariel Ramirez, Carlos López Buchardo, Hilda Herrera, María Elena Walsh, and Cura himself. Cura’s self-composed orchestral arrangements lend a dramatic touch well-suited to his instrument and several of the song texts. A carefully chosen program, new listeners stand a good chance of finding at least one piece that captures the heart. Cura is accompanied exquisitely by pianist Eduardo Delgado and guitarist Erensto Bitetti, who are each featured on solo pieces for their instruments composed by Astor Piazzola and Jorge Cardoso, respectively.

  Canciones Argentinas: Piazzolla, Guastavino, & Others (CD)

Price: $30.00 US
Mezzo soprano Bernarda Fink and baritone Marcos Fink (brother and sister) have assembled their own collection of Canciones Argentinas, with Carmen Pizzini at the piano. One of three disks nominated by BBC Music Magazine for vocal recording of the year (2007), the beautifully-produced CD includes many of the best-loved songs of the Argentine repertoire, including nine songs by Carlos Guastavino, six by Carlos López Buchardo, three by Manuel Gómez Carrillo and Astor Piazzolla each, and singles from Luis Gianneo, Abel Fleury, Ángel E. Lasala, Floro M. Ugarte, and Alberto Williams. One of the most carefully performed and produced albums to date, the booklet includes fine translations in German, English, and French. See complete song listing here.

Carlos Guastavino: Songs and Piano Duos (CD)

Price: $20.00 US
Composer Carlos Guastavino (1912-2000) is featured on this release by Fundación Ostinato, a non-profit organization based in Mendoza, Argentina that promotes the study and dissemination of Argentine classical music. Included in this compilation are excerpts or the etireties of four song cycles by the well-known composer from Santa Fe. Listeners will not be dissapointed by baritone Guillermo Anzorena’s unassuming and intimate interpretation of the Cuatro Sonetos de Quevedo (Four Sonets by Quevedo) and three songs from Flores argentinas (Argentine Flowers). Mezzo soprano Alicia Borges contributes with the Cuatro Canciones Argentinas (Four Argentine Songs) and three works from the cycle La edad del asombro (The Age of Amazement), based on poems by Hamlet LIma Quintana. Both singers are accompanied by pianist and founder of the group, Dora De Marinis.

Elan: Vocal and Instrumental Music by Composers from México and the US (CD)

Price: $15.00 US
Elan: Vocal and Instrumental Music by Composers from México and the US, released by North/South Recordings, contains a variety of contemporary chamber works, including Silvestre Revueltas’ charming Cinco canciones de niños (Five Children’s Songs) and Three Songs for Voice and Trumpet by Max Lifchitz. Trumpet player Robert Stibler does right by Lifchitz’ clever writing, which resembles the buzzing of insects and the gesticulation of animals in “Do Animals Think?” and “Insects”. Soprano Kathleen Wilson deftly interprets all eight songs with clear diction and fine expression. She is accompanied by Lifchitz himself.

  Conchita Badía: Homenaje (CD)

Price: $30.00 US
An historic compilation of predominantly Spanish and Argentine art song sung by the vibrant and expressive Spanish soprano Conchía Badía, with Carlos Manso at the piano and Manuel de Falla conducting. Bonus tracks include recorded speeches by Conchita, on her fond memories of Argentina, as well as Manuel de Falla and Montserrat Caballé, on their memories of Conchíta as teacher and artist. See complete song listing here.

Bidú Sayão: Bachiana brasileira No. 5, Opera Arias, and Brazilian Folksongs (CD)

Price: $15.00 US
Enjoy Bidú Sayão’s interpretation of the celebrated Aria from Heitor Villa-Lobos’sBachiana brasileira No. 5, recorded during a 1945 visit by the composer to New York. This classic album also includes a group of folk songs, arranged by the Brazilian composer Ernani Braga (1898-1948), which Sayão sang often in her recitals. Other works by Gounod, Massenet, Hahn, Duparc, Debussy, Ravel, Koechlin, and Moret are also included. Brazilian works on this album are:

  • Villa-Lobos: Bachiana brasileira No. 5, Aria
  • Braga: Folk Songs of Brazil (The complete set of Folk Songs arranged by Braga was recorded on June 2, 1947 with Milne Charnley at the piano.)
    1. Nigue-nigue-ninhas
    2. Capim di Pranta
    3. Ó kinimbá
    4. São João da ra rão
    5. Engenho novo
    6. A casinha pequenina
    7. Meu boi barroso
    8. Ogundé uareré

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